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  1. Gauthreaux Oyster and Trawl Winches
    Kuljis Machine Shop is the only authorized manufacturer, dealer and repair shop for Gauthreaux winches. These winches have been in use for almost 100 years and are still in high demand.
    Gauthreaux winches are built from galvanized steel and cast iron with a 5:1 gear to pull in the heaviest of loads. We build a 16" dual drum and an 18" dual drum with either one or two winch heads (cat heads) and can build a single drum winch in either size for PTO use without the 5:1 gear. We also stock all replacement parts for the Gauthreaux winches including cast iron legs, cast iron pulling plates, cast iron incline collars, cast iron winch heads, galvanized drums, all bearings and friction wood.
  2. Trailer Repair
    Here at Kuljis Machine Shop we take pride in keeping you on the road for work or play!
    We repair all types of trailers including boat and utility. Repairs include axles, springs, bearings, hubs and repairs on galvanized, steel and aluminum trailer frames.
  3. More to come
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